Served Sunday, Wednesday, Thursday 5:00 pm to 10:00 pm, Friday & Saturday 5:00 pm to 11:00 pm


Cucumber, avocado, furikake, daikon, pistachios, wasabi, white soy    10

Mushroom Curry Samosas, herbed yogurt 9

Roasted beets, whipped tofu, pomegranate seeds, buckwheat, umeboshi, dulse      11

Celery & Kale Salad, avocado, shishito peppers, candied peanuts, nam jim dressing     11

Smoked Trout Salad, Ibis bread, pear butter, sunflower seed dukkah, smoked paprika oil     15

Charred Broccoli, egg yolk sauce, kimchi dressing, pine nuts, sesame seeds, fried shallots    11

Doenjang Egg Salad Tostada, rock shrimp, summer squash, chives, sesame seeds, Korean chile oil     14

Squash & Sulguni Cheese Agnolotti, marigold butter, kohlrabi, walnuts     14

Georgian Dumplings, ricotta, feta, burrata, black pepper     12

Beet Cavatelli, braised cabbage, chicken hearts, crescenza cheese, Ibis bread crumbs, pancetta     15

Campanelle, Icelandic lamb, Midnight Moon cheese, Jimmy Nardello peppers, preserved lemon, capers, parsley     15

 Shokupan, chicken liver mousse, deviled hearts, fried garlic, cilantro     15

Grilled Octopus, tostones, piri piri, avocado, hijiki, buffalo milk crema      21

Duck Breast, new potatoes, oyster mushrooms, Urfa cream, kohlrabi, pancetta, pickled mustard seeds       28





 Dessert Box:

Peppermint Chocolate Cat’s Tongues, Maple Marshmallows,

Mexican Wedding Cookies, Shortbread Cookies,

Peppermint Chocolate Truffles, Chocolate Pistachio Lady Fingers

Chocolate Pavé, white chocolate mousse, orange crème anglaise,

peanut brittle, salted caramel, candied citrus peel

  Limoncino dell’ Isola, Calabria, IT

 Walnut and Fresh Cheese Filo, buckwheat ice cream, date syrup

Off-Dry Riesling, Scribe Winery, CA 2018


French Press - Cappuccino - Espresso


Lemon Verbena - Mint - Classic Chai - Genmaicha Green - Earl Grey - Yunnan Golden Black

The above is a sample of our nightly offerings. Slight menu changes are made daily based on availability. Customer menu modifications are politely negotiated.


Wine List